About Our Founder

The Founder of Philo4Thought became interested in professional mentoring after a lifetime of experience as an educator, academic advisor and HR/Grant-Writing specialist. As a first-generation American, Chris experienced a broad array of mentoring styles in a variety of academic and professional levels.

Having been raised in a diverse community, with strong family values, Chris’ first mentors were her strict-but-loving mom and grandparents. With the support of a wonderful family spanning well beyond the borders of NYC (to Greece, Egypt, France, Canada, and throughout the US), she learned the value of resilience, strength, patience, generosity, faith, education, and her own rich and diverse cultural heritage. She learned that “community” doesn’t end at a property line; that knowledge and experience are meant to be shared for the benefit of everyone and to shift beyond the scope of geographic borders. Young people need good mentors because they are our future.

Living in New York seemed like a natural transition from her family’s roots, but mentoring services were… not as developed and efficient as they should be for a young, first-generation American in the big city. She started tutoring other children of Egyptian/Alexandrian decent in elementary school and saw the value of educational mediation from a different transitional standpoint. It was the first of many “Aha” moments. In college and graduate school, she volunteered for orientation services for international students, tutored bilingual and at-risk students, and participated in cultural events on and off campus. Later, she pursued a permanent career as a college professor of Philosophy, Literature, Environmental Studies, and Communications/Public Speaking. She also coordinated an MHI-sponsored Women, Beauty & Image conference for young women in New York City featuring Oscar de la Renta as the Keynote. Throughout the years she has also served as a professional and academic mentor at several universities in New York,  DC, and the surrounding areas, and helped develop a federally-sponsored program for underserved marginalized social groups looking to advance in scientific careers. This along with a long list of related training and experience helped Chris decide to focus her professional efforts to

  1. help ensure equal access to educational and professional resources
  2. increase awareness of/appreciation for the strength to be gained from one’s unique cultural identity and heritage.

What Philo4Thought Does:

Career Advisement, Community Service, Cultural Awareness 

Despite the sharp increase in the number of student services offered at most colleges, the more interdisciplinary nature of course requirements to ensure a “well-rounded” education, the incorporation of “College 101” and related courses, the generation of countless apps and online services, etc. … students and recent grads are still expressing a need for better, more efficient mentoring and advisement. Philo4Thought “pushes the envelope” by encouraging debate and collaboration that will help the next generation of young professionals succeed in finding work they love and the resources to soar in their desired career paths. We also strongly encourage a concept we refer to as #PositiveProfessionalIdentity, which we address in our Confident Networking and Personal Branding talks. For more information about Philo4Thought events and other events in the area, click here.  

Email us about a specific professional service you need and we will (1) locate a local mentor/service provider for you, (2) come to your company/organization to host a talk, and/or (3) set up an appointment to meet with you 1-on-1 for advisement. Philo4Thought@yahoo.com.