Be a Goddess NOT a Diva….

Today’s blog is dedicated to my Yiayia — who always acted with equal parts accuracy, integrity and humility — and to the Class of 2013!

What does it mean to be “a goddess”? There are a few popular archetypes to start us off: Looking at the archetypes, we see that each has a different strength, and while none is perfect, each is glorious and full of grace, dignity, confidence, class…. A goddess knows who she is, where her strengths lie and what her weaknesses are. She acts in a state of grace and humility (with very few exceptions). A goddess is always considered a great beauty regardless of her physical appearance — why? Because she recognizes herself as a creature of value and engages her world and her reality with the dignity of a goddess. This knowledge is the key to her spirit and inner fortitude.

Hmm. So what’s the difference between a Goddess and a Diva? Attitude.

A goddess naturally draws attention and appreciation out of others; a diva demands it. A diva often shows the outward trappings of confidence, but as we approach the diva we find that the confidence is more of a defensive shell, not the culmination of the same self-awareness as the goddess at all.

While we see several successful examples of the “Diva” model in popular media, consider the fact that many women who are labeled “divas” act in this manner because they are not necessarily happy or satisfied with themselves; they may feel social pressures that cause them to seek public attention through overly confident and boastful/reckless behavior. A goddess doesn’t lose sight of who she is, regardless of the public attention she may get.

Where does this come from? Well, many women today seem to suffer from either overly high or overly low self esteem. A variety of scientific journals, social blogs, etc. indicate that one of the main issues that women of all ages tend to need the most help with is building of self esteem ( It just means that the diva possibly hasn’t come to terms with her inner goddess — is uncertain of her strengths and embarrassed by her weaknesses.

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that is perfectly true. The first person/goddess a woman beholds is usually her Mom. For a good long time she is your world and you look up to her, rely on her for guidance of all sorts, and this means you see her as strong and beautiful — and she sees you the same way. Does it matter that she is full of worries on the inside, perhaps wondering if she’s doing everything in her power for you? Maybe, but you still feel happy and comforted when you see her. Does it matter that you can barely walk and have only cut one tooth, that you’re drooling and stinky most of the time? Not to her. You’re her world.

The next person/goddess to behold you is yourself. This is where your “goddess” power comes into play. You must know and appreciate yourself. You must love and respect yourself for others to love and respect you. Why? Because as you grow older and let the opinions of the world into your life you will either be strong enough to deal with them with grace and ingenuity (like a goddess) or you will fall into a state of helplessness that is unworthy of you….

Find the light radiating within you and be a goddess!

Take a moment to consider the difference. Identify a “Goddess” and a “Diva” you may know. What impression do they give you? Which one is more approachable? Which would you rather spend time with? Which do you think is happier and more satisfied in her life?