“Twitter Hire”

In “Twitter Hire: My social media marketing experiment and what it means for education” (http://edtechdigest.wordpress.com/2013/05/28/twitter-hire/) LinkedIn (05/28/13), Greg Limperis explores the process of job hunting through current social media, which poses a challenge for those who face the new job market unprepared to engage in this online venue and the expectation of today’s Twitter-friendly headhunters.

In the process of applying for a particular position, Limperis writes about the synergistic fusion that resulted from his constant interaction with his prospective employer and the competing candidates for the position he sought: “I was not looking for any endorsement of my character nor my work ethic but instead merely an endorsement of my ability to establish a social outreach.” The article provides an insightful peek at the growing value of networking through social media.

Enjoy reading about his experience. If you find similar articles — or have a similar story of your own to share — please feel free to post it here.