Words Can Set You Back!

Just yesterday I attended a lecture on Social Media Networking organized by Hellenic Professional Women Inc. Towards the conclusion of the lecture by the fabulous and experienced social media specialist, Lori Iannou, there was a debate about whether or not to “brag” by adding certain key words that highlight your professional accolades.

Perhaps less is more?

According to Ilya Pozin, author of “Looking to Advance? Don’t Say This In An Interview” (http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20130604182121-5799319-looking-to-advance-don-t-say-this-in-an-interview?trk=tod-home-art-medium_0), bragging could set you back.

Perhaps it is more a question of strategic placement of our words in print (specifically, a person’s CVs and online profiles) versus the spoken self-laud during the interview, which may cause a prospective employer to consider the candidate too narcissistic to be a good team player….

Will modesty or self-promotion get you farther in an interview? IMO, it’s simply a matter of striking a balance between the two…. Be honest about the work you do and the things you have accomplished, but maintain a modest demeanor.

Your thoughts? Please feel free to post comments and suggestions!