Greek Kefi: Sharing Family Traditions Beyond Borders

Philo4Thought is pleased to present this month’s Young Professional Feature Article. Preliminary criteria for YPM candidates is that they are actively engaged in an entrepreneurial initiative or have made a successful career for themselves. Candidates are typically of Hellenic origin, based in New York, and part of a humanitarian or environmentally-conscious field. The goal of the monthly features is to inspire young professionals by providing positive and successful role models who have achieved success in areas our readers ultimately hope to pursue. The most important qualifications? Spirit, perseverance, and – most importantly – the compassionate heart that enables them to share their knowledge and experience.

This month, I had the pleasure of discovering a trio that embodies the principles of Hellenic spirit to a T! Readers may be wondering why Philo4Thought is crossing borders – perhaps to prove that Greek Kefi (Spirit) has no borders….

ARTICLE LINK: Greek Kefi: Sharing Family Traditions Beyond Borders  

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Our sincere thanks to our charming, creative and dedicated young professionals, Betty, Samantha and Eleni Bakopoulos, for taking the time to share their story with us! Keep writing!