Event Announcement: Professional Online Profiles

Confident, positive communication is key to making a lasting professional impression. Join us for a talk on information you should/shouldn’t be posting on online profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.), what to “like”/”follow” to increase your visibility among professional clients or employers, and how to develop your online network.

EVENT TITLE: Professional Online Profiles

DATE/TIME: Wednesday, December 18th in Astoria, NY

SUGGESTIONS: Participants should bring their laptops and are advised to come prepared with a resume and a list of professional goals, which allows for clearer one-on-one instruction.

REGISTRATION:  Seating is limited. Please click here to reserve your spot in advance on Eventbrite today.

DISCOUNTS & DOOR PRIZES: Full-Time students receive percentage off the standard registration fee. The first 5 people to register on Eventbrite are eligible to win a Raffle Prize.