Inspirational Young Female Professionals Series #3: Introducing Christine Salboudis

Recommending “Positively Profession-Elle” to our cyber parea. A great initiative by Maria Psihogios!

positively profession-elle

Good morning my dearest readers! Happy Saturday!

It is with great pleasure that today positively profession-elle continues its “Inspirational Young Female Professionals Series”!!! This is something I continue to be very excited about as it will allow us all to explore strategies for achieving balance in life and gain great insight into fostering meaningful educational and professional careers, through the eyes of some very special and inspirational women!

Without further ado, I would like to introduce you all to Christine Salboudis; an inspirational woman who has dedicated her life to building a stronger community and helping others foster their strengths and abilities to reach their full potential.

Christine is the Founder of the Philo4Thought Professional Mentoring Initiative, an Adjunct Associate Professor of Philosophy, Literature and Environmental Ethics at Pace University, and an Administrative Manager and Student Coordinator at Columbia University in New York City.

As someone who draws on a…

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