2014HYP: In Gratitude

The Spring 2014 HYP Business & Career Development Conference was a great success. On behalf of the administrators and sponsors of Philo4Thought’s Hellenic Professional Mentoring Initiative, I would like to thank all those who participated in our first of many future #2014HYP conferences. Many thanks to all those who had a hand in making the evening possible  our esteemed speakers, advisory and technical teams and, of course, to the Hellenic Professionals and guests in attendanceWe are honored to know all those in attendance and invite you to participate in future events.

Special thanks to Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi for helping us honor our Keynote Speaker, Emmanuel Velivasakis, with a Certificate of Achievement for his outstanding commitment and philanthropic contributions to the Hellenic community, Greater NY, and the world. 

Pictures from the event are now available on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Based on the outcome of the Spring 2014HYP, we will be hosting another 2014HYP Conference in the Fall. The date, venue and topics will be announced after our September 2014 Fundraiser. Keep a weathered eye on the horizon!

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Warmest Regards,

P4T Admin

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