Ways CEOs use their Professional #LinkedIn/#Facebook

There are a variety of ways to use #SocialMedia to help cultivate a useful and effective #network. Here are a few tips for those in leadership positions:


(1) #Connect with your team to accelerate your business. Start a group to pose common questions and make new connections with colleagues and affiliates.

(2) Ask your team for #recommendations and support their efforts in kind.


(1) #Research your connections before committing to a meeting or project; something as simple as #ReviewingCommonConnections and their basic profile can save you time and effort of working with people who cannot deliver the product/result you are looking for. Check for #references — what are other people saying about someone you’re thinking of hiring/collaborating with?

(2) Gather a network of #CompetitiveSources and hire smarter by requesting #referrals from #TrustedConnections. Leverage your affiliated networks to #FindMoreTalent. The network connectivity also allows you to reach experts quickly and directly.

(3) Gain insight on how others approach #NewMarkets, revamp projects or policies, resolve issues, find #funding, ask for expert advisement/referrals, network, etc.