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Introducing a new blog segment specifically for Hellenic Youth,

featuring our very talented #HYTeenBeat author & artist


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Hello Everybody,

I’m Zoë, your #HYTeenBeat artist & journalist, bringing you great month-to-month updates about High School/College life from an insider’s perspective. My first post will appear on Philo4Thought’s 2014 Founder’s Day Celebration (Friday, 10/10), right after school. Please also click here to check out our upcoming #2018HYP Symposium: 2018 Hellenic Finance & Trade Symposium and Maritime Art Exhibit. Stay tuned! 

If you’d like to read about a specific TeenBeat Topic – like adapting to a school, working through tricky questions, finding a good tutor/mentor, making friends, starting a new project, or whatever else may be on your mind, please email p4tinfo@gmail.com.

Yia sou!


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