Hellenic Pride: Rebuilding from Zero

Ground Zero, NYC, October 18, 2014

Ground Zero, NYC, October 18, 2014

What an incredible weekend! This is one of the great moments — a true reflection of our identity as Greek Americans and as New Yorkers. Proud and deeply moved to have shared it with so many. Proud and honored by my heritage and by the message we are imparting to others.

Philo4Thought is all about building foundations for opportunity, strengthening connections and making new ones possible. Times like these are great for the soul and reinforce the conviction that together, with faith, solidarity, tenacity (and a little elbow grease) we can accomplish anything.

May this be one of many moments to reinforce my kookie-but-valid optimistic streak. So glad to have shared it with family and friends. 

Billy Joel would say, “We didn’t start the fire,” but we’re Greek… OF COURSE WE DID….. 😉