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In a magical land oceans away from the din of our bustling iPhone-laden city lived a cluster of heroes and gods whose tragicomical tales and great deeds were immortalized by Homer… then Shakespeare… and now Botziou.

“In the beginning there was only Chaos; Greek Chaos….”

From this solitary line springs forth the epic legends as told with the unique combination of love and humor that our featured author, Ekaterina Botziou, brings to all things.

The book — available in paperback and electronic form — is written as a collection of short stories about some of our favorite Ancient Greek gods, heroes and villains, including Zeus and the Olympians, Prometheus, Pandora, Midas, Persephone, Perseus, Heracles, Theseus (of course), Jason, Achilles, Odysseus, etc. The unexpected plot twists to the story had Philo4Thought’s HYTeenBeat and editorial team in stitches.

When asked about the inspiration behind Theseus & The Mother-In-Law (2014), Ekaterina says:  “As a child I devoured all the Greek mythological stories and was fascinated by the historical aspect to many of the legends. My grandmother in particular had a deep interest in the mythicism of ancient Greece and I think many people find the combination of history and fictional narrative highly appealing.” And so, from London to New York and around the globe, the epic tales of Olympus live on.

A few Philo4Thought members have asked what my favorite part of the book is, but there are so many it’s truly hard to choose. The fluid writing, the kind-but-mischievous Zeus, our brave heroes whose adventures take us from the shores of Cyprus and Crete to the depths of Africa…. Perhaps it’s the reunion of lost lovers… or one hero’s true love for his wife’s moussaka…. I’m not saying more. You’ll all have to read it and find your own favorites:

Theseus & The Mother-In-Law

Recommending this book to readers ~17 and up due to some content.

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