Giving Thanks: A Tradition


Dear Readers, Sponsors and Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving! Kicking off the holiday season with a review of the year’s blessings: Good faith, spirit, educational and professional opportunities… and parea — that’s you, the greatest blessing. We are thankful for the richness you add to our lives, our community programs, and to the world. Our hearts are one regardless of physical distance and crazy schedules.

And so today we share a traditional Thanksgiving dedication:


A Red Candle: We light this candle in honor of those around us, whose love and guidance gives us inspiration and strength;

A White Candle: We light this candle in honor of those who are no longer with us, whose memories remain in our hearts and minds;

A Blue Candle: We light this candle in honor of those who are traveling, that their way will be easy and that they return to us soon.

A special wish to the newest members of our homes who are celebrating their FIRST Thanksgiving this year, that you enjoy the day and bring new hope and love to those around you.


We are so fortunate to have the strength of each other’s company and advisement in times of strife. It’s such a rare gift….  Please take a moment this weekend to give thanks to those who lift your spirits and to pray for those in need, who often face their challenges alone. Take a moment to make a new friend and help a neighbor. Every little bit helps!