A quick note on VALUE

ProfessionalChaseChasing that Job Opportunity? Stop. Now.

I know, you’re possibly thinking, “Wait, WHAT? But I NEED a job! I have loans, I have rent, I have…” and listing all the other reasons why you *NEED* a job. Now.

But think of it this way. You walk into a networking event and LOOK like the person who NEEDS a job. Who do you think you’ll meet?

You may be well dressed and well spoken, but perhaps a little too eager to meet people, a little too ready to hand out your contact information or list your assets and experience as though you’re priming your listener for an interview request. You’ll come across as needy and meet people who thrive by taking advantage of needy people; you’ll be that scapegoat hire, that “temp-to-perm” hire who *just* doesn’t make the cut to perm because someone more confident got the job.

It’s important to appear confident and composed to prospective hiring agents and employers. To be truly confident, you have to know your value. You have to take stock of the things that you do best and know which “gifts” to highlight in the presence of your specific audience.

Before a big networking event take a step back and think of ONE quality or trait that you want people to notice from the moment you walk into the room. Remember that the people you speak to may not recall anything else about your conversation other than a general positive or negative first impression.

Don’t flash your resume at people and talk yourself up too much. Don’t tell people about yourself; throw a small piece of information out there and let them ask about you. Know your value and be confident in yourself.

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