THESPINA MICHELAKIS has 15 years of experience in client services and technical sales within the online emerging and interactive technologies, in both advertiser and publisher environments. She is skilled and effective in gathering and pinpointing issues, defining them and providing the best solution dependent on the business module of the client. Thespina has consistently served as a lead resource for clients and team members in complicated situations and communicating solutions effectively internally and externally to define the need of each user. She has managed engineering teams and clients in the last four years and has also worked on the agency side, in video, in mobile. In the last two years she has also worked in the programmatic space facilitating the buys of ads between supply and demand partners.


Maintaining a good Public/Personal Profile

Managing a good public and personal profile entails five different things from a business perspective. 1) Most people in the professional world use different networks for different purposes. You can manage your business contacts by keeping them primarily on LinkedIn while focusing on Facebook to be a social network that you keep for your personal piece. 2) Create a Personal Profile on Facebook and a Brand Page – keep your Facebook page for you however, you can go to the Pages section on Facebook and create pages as a business, company, public figure, brand or even a community cause. 3) Push your business contacts to Twitter – Twitter is a professional networking tool so you can focus on Personal for Facebook and utilize Twitter as a public forum – there are some downsides to Twitter and we will discuss those too. 4) Tweak your Facebook Privacy Settings – this helps you maintain separation. 5) Take Your Private Life Offline All Together – everything we share on Public Domains is ‘out there’ and a reflection on you from people, employers etc.

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