5 Reasons Why Being A Mentor Is Important For Career & Personal Development

#BeTheChangeYouWishToSee… become a #Mentor and improve the lives of others. Some need direct guidance and some just need a good-hearted person to listen to their thought process and provide passive support. Join one of the many valuable Mentoring programs in our community: #CypriotChamber #GreekAmericanChamber, #NHSA, #IHS, #Philo4Thought.

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My dearest readers,

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” ~ Steven Spielberg

This quote captures the role of a mentor as a catalyst for inspiring the development of a mentee into exactly who he or she is meant to be!!

We are often cognizant of the many reasons for which having a positive mentor and role model in our lives is a smart and worthwhile step to take in the areas of career and personal development. A less explored area of career development is, in turn, the positive aspects of being a mentor itself.

Being a role model and mentor for someone is not only a smart career development strategy, but is highly fulfilling as well! Here are five reasons why being a mentor is the right step to take when seeking success and…

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