Next Steps: Transition to The Big Apple


The Philo4Thought Hellenic Professional Mentoring Initiative is pleased to present our June 2015 “Young Professional of the Month” Feature Article! The goal of our publications is to provide positive, successful role models who will inspire the next generation of young professionals. A preliminary criterion for #YPM candidates is their active engagement in an entrepreneurial initiative or career path. Candidates are typically of Hellenic origin and part of a philanthropic, humanitarian or environmentally conscious field. The most essential qualification they have in common, however, is the spirit and compassion to persevere, and the heart to share their knowledge and experience with others.

We had the pleasure of meeting this month’s young professional, John Papaspanos, at our first NHSA Convention at McGill and Concordia Universities (Montreal) in 2013. Having witnessed only a small portion of his journey from student to professional so far, and having seen his dedication to helping the Hellenic community first hand, it’s clear that this young Hellene values the traditions and ethical standards that will go far in making him a successful professional and a model mentor to our youth.

ARTICLE: Next Steps: Transition to The Big Apple

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Many thanks to John Papaspanos for sharing his story with us. Special thanks to Konstantine Ouranitsas (NHSA President) for nominating our wonderful young professional.