Dobros: Leadership & Legacy

Philo4Thought Hellenic Professional Mentoring Initiative is pleased to present our September 2016 Young Professional of the Month! The goal of our publications is to provide positive, successful role models who will inspire the next generation of young professionals. Preliminary criteria for YPM candidates is that they are actively engaged in an entrepreneurial initiative or have made a successful career for themselves, thereby serving as strong role models to the next generation of young professionals. Candidates are typically of Hellenic origin and part of a humanitarian (educational, sociological, scientific, etc.) or environmentally-­‐conscious field. Given the gradual expansion of our readership, we currently interview candidates who embrace a specific Hellenic philosophy best described in a word… Philotimo (φιλότιμο). The most important qualifications all our candidates share are the spirit and compassion to persevere, and the heart to share their knowledge and experience with others.

We had the pleasure and honor to interview this month’s YPM, Paraskevas A. Ntompros, live at Cafe 360 in Monasteraki, Athens, on the 100-year anniversary of the individual who inspired the Philo4Thought initiative. He is an avid supporter of today’s youth and of Greek culture and traditions, which he supports through his various efforts as a performer, researcher and instructor. He is a fine example of our community, keeping the to the classical Socratic concept that even as “masters” of our profession we are always the students of life. We are honored to share his story with you today. 

ARTICLE LINK: Dobros: Leadership & Legacy

CREDITS & RECOGNITION: Many thanks to Paraskevas A. Ntompros for sharing his story with us and for providing the photographs from his various performances and dance groups. Special thanks to the amazing staff at Cafe 360 in Athens for patiently allowing the interview, to Ovelia in Astoria for providing the background for our graphics work, and to Menios Georgopoulos of MG Design for providing the graphics for this feature article.

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    An outstanding share! I forwarded it a colleague who is ordering me dinner because I found the article for him! (Thank YOU for the meal!) Seriously, though, thanks for spending time to post this and the other interviews on your page.

    I really like your way of writing and bookmarked it as a favorite to check back in the future. It’s hard to find good quality writing like yours these days. Thanks a lot for sharing!

    Exactly where are your contact details though? I had a little trouble finding where to become a member.


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