Press Release: Mentoring & Dynamic Narratives

καλό Σάββατο (Happy Saturday)!

The #2017HYP Spring Conference, Greek Legacies: Dynamic Narratives in Film & Performance Arts, is officially a week away! Sound, screens, lights… the Alfred Lerner Cinema awaits. 

In preparation, we invite you to take a step back and consider what it is that we do here and what our “final product” is: Confidence.

From the times of Homer and Aesop to present day Matziaraki, Stephanopoulos, Markakis and Chrissochos, we are known for crafting stories that become epic and legend. Consider that at one point an ant can be a great hero, and in modern times a humble Coast Guard can save the lives of so many — our determination and generosity in WWII is as epic as our rebirth from crisis now. 

The Greek narrative is considered “dynamic” on a variety of levels — music, dance, film, — that will be discussed at the conference. Everyone experiences their highs and lows. The gift that our guest speakers and esteemed Honorees have made possible is to bring the experience, the process, and the success to life for you, the 21-Century audience.

Included is a panel about another aspect of the Greek Diaspora to discuss how we educate the community and foster an appreciation for traditional and contemporary themes in classrooms and popular journals.

Our final discussion, sponsored by our friends at Pardalis & Nohavicka, will focus on the pragmatic aspects of the entertainment industry, discussing the legal concerns and perspectives that new members of this profession should be aware of as they prepare launch a new project.  

We invite you to attend — to discuss the legacy that is cherished, retold, reinvented, and brought to light by our speakers and honorees in a way that helps secure the education and improvement of today’s youth, encouraging new adventure and, we hope, leaving you with the confidence and network you need to take the next step in the creative field of your choosing.

We look forward not only to seeing you next Saturday but to hearing about your story… and your ultimate success in the years to come. Be confident, and take the time to know what is in your heart. Be attentive, and seek out every opportunity to learn, to grow, to shine. We’re rooting for you!

We also invite you to attend the upcoming Columbia Film Festival, which launches on May 10th. Click here for details. 

Leaving you with the recommendation from our #HYTeenBeat author to watch the feature film Swing Away about a young person who builds herself up with help from a great mentor.