About Us

Philo4Thought is a 501(c)3 philanthropic educational nonprofit foundation created to help today’s young professional. The initiative started out as a small local project to inspire college students through a series of networking events with mentoring and peers. As we gained momentum we launched a small advisory webpage of inspirational and instructional articles, which were well received. Today we have over 124,000 global readers and clients. 

  • Before launching the Philo4Thought initiative, our CEO served as a professor, grant writer, and mentor to young professionals and college students, starting a small informal peer mentoring discussion group. For more about the personal journey that led to the establishment of Philo4Thought, click here
  • In 2013 we launched our monthly Young Professional of the Month (#YPM) series and also merged with Quill’s Edge tutorial services to run monthly tutorial workshops for students and young professionals in New York and the surrounding area.
  • In 2014 we introduced our annual Spring Conference, which is designed to educate up-and-coming Hellenic professionals as they advance in their professional and academic lives. These and our related cultural events help show the community that we are able to work in solidarity and to provide adequate support for our young people. In 2014 we also encouraged local youth and young professionals to contribute original writing indicating their outlooks on specific topics, including education, culture, fashion, health, etc. Voicing their opinions and concerns helps our readers see that they are not the only ones carrying these concerns.
  • For 2015-2016 we are looking to produce online video tutorials to benefit our now global community. We’re planning to launch a series of fundraising activities to help cover the production costs. We are also looking to bring other organizations together for more synchronized collaborative educational and cultural events.

Our Target Audience… is YOU! While we have readers and supporters from all walks of life, our target audience is the Hellenic Young Professional (#HYP) 21-40. We do have a small Hellenic Teen Beat (#HYTeenBeat) group of readers (in high school) to meet a direct community demand and we will continue to help Hellenic professionals however we can, fostering the concepts of #Philotemo, #PositiveProfessionalIdentity and #ConfidentNetworking for today’s #YoungProfessional. The most popular question we’ve received when we first opened our doors is, “What if I’m not… a young professional?” In simple terms, if you need help, write to us and we will do our best to help place you with someone who can address your professional concern. We are here to provide support and/or direct you to the appropriate network. Clear and simple. Our articles, job boards, events, referral services… are all here for the community.

Building Professional Parea: Our original concept was to write “Silver lining” stories that inspired the founder and the original 12-person parea. For example, “God never sends you anything you’re not equipped to handle.” Communities are here to help and support each other. We’re so pleased and honored to have so many new readers and participants today! P4T Membership options are available to those who are interested in attending our monthly events for a discounted flat rate.

Mentor Matching: We offer one-on-one Mentor Matching — career mentoring by local entrepreneurs, instructors and vocational specialists in a variety of professional fields and academic disciplines. Our Peer Mentoring team is featured in our Young Professional of the Month (#YPM) postings and email us for details on how to become/to nominate a YPM. 

Additional mentoring opportunities are exclusively available to P4T Members; please email Philo4Thought@yahoo.com for details.

Monthly Events and Publications: Monthly small-group and individual advisory services include discussions and publications about Professional Development, Work-Life balance, Social Media Development, Professional Networking, and related topics. Business Correspondence and Etiquette lessons are also available for small groups and one-on-one. Tickets to group events are available on Eventbrite. A list of related events and publications hosted by other wonderful organizations and service providers are also available on our Facebook Page and on the Twitter Feed (to the right of this screen)!

Facebook/LinkedIn chatrooms and Pinterest guides are currently available on weekdays.

Annual Events: Our annual Hellenic Young Professional conference (#2014HYP/ #2015HYP) convenes every Spring. Our 2014 Spring Conference at Holy Trinity Cathedral Banquet Hall was a great success and our our 2015 Spring Conference at Columbia University is scheduled for May 2nd. (Click here for event details.)

If you would like us to speak at an event, please email Philo4Thought@yahoo.com.

Annual Fundraising & Community Outreach: In the spirit of preserving our Hellenic roots, we host community fundraisers in the Fall and Winter to help cover the administrative and technical costs of our publications and events. in September 2014 we hosted a Tavli Tournament & Food Expo at Minos Syllogo in Astoria NY; in November 2014 we hosted our Accents & Image Brunch/Clothing Drive; in January 2015 we hosted our Holiday Party at The Greek in Tribeca NY.

We will continue to host similar events in the future to promote what has become a growing #ProfessionalParea and to educate our Hellenes and Philhellenes about the strong cultural and philosophical roots that sustain Philo4Thought’s initiatives. Please “follow” this page for event announcements and updates!

Related Networks and Local Announcements: As the online community expands, Philo4Thought will continue to suggest related blogs, websites, and organizations that support environmental sustainability, the empowerment of women, and local vendors/activities/initiatives for the community of young professionals in NYC and in the larger Hellenic community. 

NEW: A LOOK AHEAD! In the works for 2015 are the establishment of interactive Online Seminars and the annual Hellenic Summer Scholars Initiative (#2014HSSI/#1015HSSI) for college/graduate students and up-and-coming young professionals. We are working hard to incorporate video feeds and online tutorial services for the coming year. Small #CareerBuzz thinktank groups are being set up via Google Hangouts shortly. Other online advisory networks will soon include the following: #HYPFashion, #HYPFit,  #HYTeenBeat,  #EducationalDataMining (#EDM) and the #GreekMusicFanClub (#GMFC).

Questions? Comments? Young Professional Nominations? Speaker/Mentor Requests? Please email Philo4Thought@yahoo.com for appointments and pricing for specific events.


NEWS: Effective 01/15/16, we will launch a new site, www.philo4thought.org. We invite you to take a look at the new site of our future publications!

Click here for the official press release about our new site