Press Release: 2017HYP Greek Legacies Conference

Philo4Thought’s Executive Board offers special thanks to our co-collaborators at UNESCO Pireus, the Hellenic American Center for the Arts, and the offices of our local Assemblyman, Andrew Hevesi, who worked closely with us to prepare the Certificates of Excellence distributed at this year’s Hellenic Young Professional Conference:

Hellenic American Center for the Arts

Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi


2016HYP Spring Conference: Please Follow Our NEW SITE for Details!

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2016 News:

We invite you to attend and participate in the following Spring 2016 events:

The 2016 NHSA Spring Convention (April 1st-3rd)
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The #2016HYP Spring Conference (April 9th)
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The 2016 Greek Independence Day Parade (April 10th)
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Proud to be Greek

“You should be proud to be Greek!”

Many of us have heard some variation of this our whole lives, but never before have I been more proud of my heritage than this weekend, in coming back to my hometown of Chicago to see Hellenic youth and young professionals convene for the NHSA Fall2015 Convention.

In her opening remarks, the new NHSA President, Konstantina Panagiotopoulos, stands as the epitome of what we, as parents, educators, professionals, and Hellenes hope our youth will understand about our past, present and ongoing efforts towards a strong and unified international Greek community. (Signomi, the PDF link is pending. For now, please click here for NHSA event photos and details.)

As a sponsor of NHSA and affiliated initiatives for our young professionals, I looked around at the assembled youth and professional mentors with humility and joy.

The NHSA Board, at its various levels, was very proactive in making sure everyone had something to gain from attending the event. Highlights included a focused networking cocktail hour, a speed networking activity, and a variety of wonderful speeches outlining new and forthcoming educational and cultural initiatives. It has connected us with our new friends at Portes Magazine, HALC, The Field Museum, and more.

I was also proud to see time taken to honor a great and inspiring figure who helped support Hellenic Youth — Chris P. Tomaras of the Panhellenic Scholarship Foundation.

Past, present and future, NHSA continues to work diligently towards the connectivity and progress of the Hellenic community. Bravo Pedia!