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2016 News:

We invite you to attend and participate in the following Spring 2016 events:

The 2016 NHSA Spring Convention (April 1st-3rd)
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The #2016HYP Spring Conference (April 9th)
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The 2016 Greek Independence Day Parade (April 10th)
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Giving Thanks: A year in the Media…

Beyond Philo4Thought’s monthly publications, we’ve had the great privilege of being mentioned in the following media publications over the past year:

The National Herald (Interview for a publication on Greek American Women, published in their commemorative centennial booklet, Spring 2015)

91.5 Cosmos FM (Interview, March 2015.)

The National Herald (Coverage of our 2014 Tavli Tournament & Food Expo, September 2014.)

Voices of Hellenism (Publication of our 2014 analysis of Social Media vis-a-vis Plato’s “Cave Allegory” (pp. 163-204).)

The National Herald (An “In the Spotlight” interview about our Founder/CEO, July 2014.)

The National Herald (Mention in an interview on the wonderful Parthenon Exhibit by Kathy Schwab at the GC in NYC, March 2014.)

New Greek TV (An interview on Kalimera USA about our organization, with mention of several institutions who inspired and supported us, May 2014.)

Positive Profession-Elle (An interview about our Founder and CEO, March 2014.)

Greek American Girl (An article reposted from Philo4Thought, December 2013.)

We thank the many wonderful writers, producers, photographers, videographers, editorial teams and publications/organizations who are helping to get our name and educational initiatives seen and heard by the greater Hellenic community! We are deeply touched, humbled and grateful.

Special thanks to our dedicated sponsors, mentors and readers, who made the realization of this philanthropic vision possible.

Dedicating this post to my grandparents, who always taught me to look upon each day with peaceful gratitude.

Your contribution to our ongoing efforts is greatly appreciated. Efharistoume! P4T Admin.

What to do in a Neglectful Workplace


Today’s topic is heavier than our standard fare, but it’s an important message worth conveying. Please read and pass along….

I was at a neighborhood hotspot watching yesterday’s game – Algeria v. Korea – when a young lady walked in wearing a hospital bracelet saying she had just gotten off work. “I need a beer. Who’s playing?” A few of us caught her up on the game and in no time we were all chatting, one eye on the screen, which is when she mentioned that she had been attacked by a client. Suddenly all eyes were on her, listening to the horrific story unfold. Hearing the details, the parea staged an intervention then and there.

Misconception #1: “In my line of work it’s expected.” Yellow Card #1: Clinic, office, retail, livery, food and beverage…. Whatever your profession, there’s never a reason to accept physical abuse in your workplace. NEVER justify abuse.

Misconception #2: “No big deal. It’s not the first time.” Yellow Card #2: Don’t allow yourself to be a victim. Step up and file a grievance immediately. If the institution is not responsive to your claim, don’t just roll over and let this happen again and again! You have to respect yourself enough to step away from the abusive setting. Contact the division of HR (or your Union) that provides for an Ombudsman or Referee to address the issue on your behalf.

Misconception #3: What had the company done after each incident to prevent it from happening again? “Well…. Not much, really.” Red Card: If – after your best attempt to communicate your grievances and request support, treatment for your injuries, etc. – your employer does not value you enough to take proper precautions to ensure your safety, it’s time to walk away… and find a good attorney. Don’t wait for yet another incident.

Just Say “NA!” Letting an abusive/neglectful work environment go unchecked just enables the organization to create situations like this for other employees in the future. It’s important to know when, where and how to file a grievance claim should the need arise. Respect yourself enough to know and defend your rights. In doing so, you may save the lives and futures of others as well.